Justin Taylor

Justin brings many years of experience with providing technology support to our team.

Eric Lee

Eric joined our team in 2011 and has quickly become a valuable asset by providing solutions to our clients as a Microsoft certified professional. Eric enjoys hiking and snowboarding in his off time!

Lee Johnson

Lee has over two decades of hands on experience managing and building out technology solutions for companies around the world. Some of his experiences includes building out technology solutions for Cisco, Ernst & Young, Canon, AT&T Broadband, Safeway, Fox Television, Pepsi and many more companies of all shapes and sizes. Lee has years of experience helping both small and large companies to insure that they have smooth running technology to help their businesses succeed. Lee is a Microsoft certified professional and takes pride in working with his customers to insure that their technology needs are understood and met with effective solutions.

Tim Beacham

Tim has many years of experience as both an MCSE and a Cisco certified professional. With a highly varied background in IT, Tim ran a successful technology consulting firm in Denver, Colorado keeping many small businesses in the region up and running smoothly prior to joining Cascade Networking in 2006. Tim prides himself on working well with end users, giving them the tools they need to competently complete their tasks without IT hassles hindering their performance. Tim enjoys playing guitar and snapping photos on some high end camera equipment while out of the office.